Look Amazing Naked & Win a Garage Gym



What's in the 8-Week Naked Training Challenge?

Customized Macros

Your macros are customized just for you and designed to get you lean in no time. 

Amazing Results

Thousands of people have completed our programs and got amazing results. You're next!

Have a question or worry? Our support group is always there to help you through anything.

Private Support Group

8 Weeks of Training

Eight weeks, six days a week. Our world class, science backed training will push you to your limits. 

Grand Prize Winners

The grand prize transformation challenge winner will win a full garage gym from Tydax. It includes a half-rack with storage, full bumper plate set, adjustable bench, dumbbells to 35lb, and more!

2nd place will win a Tydax comp barbell with a full bumper plate set. 

3rd place will win an adjustable bench with dumbbells up to 35lbs. 

With our 8-week challenge, we'll take the guesswork out. Follow this plan and you will see results. 

Get Naked


Full training program (sets, reps, and tutorial videos), macros and meal builder, complete mobility routines, access to private Facebook Group, eligible for mini-prizes, and entry into the grand prize competition to win a full home gym set up. 

How Much is the Naked Training Challenge? 

"I hadn't been to the gym in months... This challenge gave me the confidence to walk into the gym and get to work... If I can do it, you can totally do it!"

Kelly Rodgers

Naked Summer Challenge Member


"My favorite part of the naked summer challenge was having a plan and a goal each day! I am so thankful to have the coaches provide pointers on lift technique and seeing everyone else checking in and sharing their journey! I love that I know what I need to do everyday to reach my goals!"

Cassie Ulsh

Naked Summer Challenge Member

"The Naked Training Summer challenge allowed me to gain my confidence back, fit into my pre-baby jeans, and fall in love with myself again, not to mention I gained muscles in places I never thought I could."

Nicole Butler

Naked Summer Challenge Member

Choose a Program That Fits You

Follow the Right Macros and Nutriton

Exercise is king but nutrition is queen and we've got you covered.

We have flexible diet plans to compliment how you like to eat.

Get personalized macros for your fitness goals.

Check-in every week and adjust your macros with no hassle.

Build meals on our meal builder based on what you like. 


We have both functional and commercial gym programs so you can workout anywhere you go. 

Our workout programs will constantly change to keep you on your toes and keep challenging you to be your best. 

Every workout has proper warm-ups, video tutorials, and weight progressions to keep you on the right track. 

So seriously, ditch that sweat-soaked notebook. 

Mobility Routines to Keep You Flexible

Our mobility routines will keep you flexible and help you recover from the intense training in the program. 

Follow our assessment and correction trainers to help maximize your results.

The Naked Challenge is designed specifically to help you feel confident whenever and wherever you go, with or without clothes. The Naked Challenge is the most comprehensive eight-week program out there.

This program will help you stay in shape all year long and transform your body in no time. It takes all the guesswork out when it comes to programming, meals and macros. It’s like having a mini-me in your pocket at all times.

I’m excited for you to try the app and I know you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

In today's workout view, you will be able to access all of your workouts, see weight progressions, and watch exercise coaching videos.

With our personalized macros, you will be able to view your full week of macros, check-in, and change your macros based on your body.

Our mobility screening will give you a Pass/Fail grade and from there you will receive your full mobility routines with tutorial videos.



"This program has made me leaner, stronger, and faster. If you follow the program, train with high intensity, and most importantly hit your macros, I have no doubt you can get similar results"

Johnathon Tran

"With the Naked program, I have gotten my confidence, health and strength back. I feel like a new person capable of achieving great things. I am so excited to see where this journey will continue to take me."

Caroline Thibeault

"I am so thankful for training and nutrition advice that was provided. I knew I was strong and I knew that I was "in shape" but I never thought in a million years I would look like this. I know that this sounds silly to most, but I haven't worn a bathing suit in YEARS!!!"

Melissa Freas-Kampf

Kristin Frei

"The best part is I am now excited for summer. I'm excited to take my daughter to the pool or splash pad. I'll be able to wear a swimming suit and not worry about my mom bod haha. Thank you Brooke for making a program friendly enough for a stay at home moms even!"

"The challenge was both a struggle and fun. I really liked the attached videos in the app they were super helpful especially with new exercises. Would highly recommend starting this challenge with a partner to hold you accountable. I am looking forward to the next challenge. "

Connor Shennan

"My favorite part was the programming! It was smart functional movements that worked on my weaker areas. I love how hard I was challenged throughout this program, especially with the german volume training and rest/pause sets. This type of training really worked on my mental game, and made me stronger over all."

Grace Kehoe


Choose the program that matches your gym type, and sign up for the 8-Week Naked Training Challenge.

Step 1.

Download the Naked Training app from the App Store. Follow the welcome guide and emails to set up the nutrition and mobility work. 

Step 2.

Take your before photos and start your new healthy lifestyle for your chance to be one of our three grand prize winners.

Step 3.

Getting started with the Naked Training Challenge is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Sign up for the challenge and we'll take care of the workouts, nutrition, and mobility routines. 


Ashley Brown

"The Naked Program was difficult, but helped me overcome my confidence issues in the gym. I built strength, mobility, and overall feel great. I want to continue with their training program, as it has definitely helped my drive and commitment to overall fitness and well being! "

Kaitlyn Johnson

"I have gained more confidence in my ability and my physique than I ever have. I walk with my head high and a smile on my face as this challenges comes to an end, but I’m carrying my new work ethic and confidence with me everyday."

"Before I knew it, I was enjoying challenging myself so much the results came before I had the chance to notice. Now I have more energy than I ever have before and feel more confident about myself in and out of the gym."

Justin Hughbanks

Naked Training App

Sick of using a sweat-soaked notebook and pen to track workouts? Tired of calculating percentages and wondering exactly what you did last week?

Find out why the Naked Training app has the best world-class training and programming designed specifically for you and your goals. Receive and track workouts, watch exercise tutorial videos, get customized macros, build meals, and follow your mobility routines all in one spot. 

It says it's hosted in the Naked Training app, how do I download the app?

You can download the app right here (IOS or Android) or wait for the email confirmations to download. Just make sure you purchase the program first or you won't be able to login.

Does this competition include people outside of the United States?

Absolutely! If you have access to some dumbells, a barbell, and maybe some heavy tree logs, you can enter the 8-Week Naked Training Challenge. 

We have a team in place to help you anytime and we take pride in getting back to you as fast as we can. That being said, you can email support@nakedprogram.com anytime with your questions. 

I have some more questions that aren't in here. Who do I contact?

Once I join the challenge, how do I enter the competition?

Everyone will get an email after they sign up with the information on how to enter the challenge and submit before and after photos for the transformation. Please look for this email and follow the instructions closely or you could be disqualified. Also, join the Facebook group for important up to date notifications. 

The challenge says in includes nutrition? What exactly is that? 

We believe in flexible dieting so with our nutrition you will get personalized macros according to your goal and the ability to get meal ideas and quantities from our meal builder. 

When is the challenge open to sign up? 

The challenge is open for enrollment from September 9th. The enrollment will go from September 9th to September 22nd with workouts starting whenever you want during that time.

I'm confused on when to start after I signed up?

This challenge you can start whenever you would like as long as you do before September 23rd. Before and afters will need to be submitted 56 days apart.

I signed up but I can't see any of the workouts?

 If you still have problems after that, login to app.nakedtraining.app with the username and password you created, select program, and verify that your start date is correct. 

How do you choose the winners?

Picking winners is one of the toughest tasks. There are so many great transformations. We gather together as a company and choose winners based on overall transformations, engagement, and testimonials. 


Can I put on muscle and still win? Is it a weight loss challenge?

Like all of our challenges, we choose winners based on transformation! If you put on muscle and made great changes, you can win! 

What if I'm already an app member? Is it included or do I need to sign up?

Current app members get entry into the Naked Home gym challenge as part of their membership. 

There is no need to sign up!

It's back!!! We are doing periodic mini-challenges and giveaways. An email will go out at the beginning of the week stating the mini-challenge. We'll pick the winner and sadly only one winner per week.

What are the mini-prizes all about? Can I win more than one? 

What exactly are the prizes that the top 3 win?

We had Tydax hook us up with some amazing equipment. The grand prize winner will get a half rack with storage, competition barbell, bumper plates, adjustable bench, pylo boxes, and dumbbells up to 35lb! Second and third place will receive equipment as well!


Can beginners do these workouts? 

Yes! We have coaching tutorial videos, explanation videos, and a support group. This is a great program to get started into. 

How long are the workouts? 

The workouts can be adjusted to be 30, 60, or 90 minutes depending on how much time you have. Most people can choose the 90 and get it done in less time.

What kind of equipment will I need for the challenge? Are there substitutions available? 

We do recommend that people have access to your general gym equipment like a barbell, squat rack, dumbbells, cable machine, and bench. If you have having trouble substituting the movements, our Facebook group or Support Team can help you find any exercise you need to replace! 

Nutrition & Mobility

How do the macro check-ins work? 

Inside the app, you can adjust and change your macros every week based on how the previous week went. You can also choose the right carb to fat ratio for your body. 

Is this a full meal plan or cookbook? 

We don't provide a cookbook or full on recipes. We believe in flexible dieting and hitting your macros is the #1 priority. With our meal builder, you can generate meal plans with what foods you like and exclude ones you don't. However, it won't give you recipes or anything like that. 

Is the mobility plan customized to my own specific needs?

Yes, it is! You start by taking a mobility screening. Based on your score, we recommend routines that attack your weaknesses. 



Challenge yourself, get stronger, and most of all see results all with the 8-Week Naked Training Challenge. You could be one of the grand prize winners who win a home gym!